Swarm Metrics for your social media marketing

There are literally hundreds of social media marketing tools out there, so why should you use Swarm Metrics?

Your numbers at a click of a button

One login to rule them all

All in one place

Some social media analytics platforms can end up with you drowning in numbers. Why muck around with many tools and dragging all the key metrics into Excel to analyse. Do it in one place with Swarm Metrics.

Real, actionable solutions for your business

Cut out the nonsense.

Actionable solutions

Understand the key results you’re getting from operating a range of social media presences for your business. We surface the most relevant metrics for you to monitor and analyse in one place so you can easily prove ROI and get back to the business of doing business.

Easy to manage

Who’s afraid of data? Not us.

Manage many accounts & clients

Are you working in a social media agency or consultancy? You could have a large number of clients and accounts to monitor metrics for. Swarm Metrics can scale up to monitor literally thousands of Pages and Profiles from the one account.

A range of social media networks

Everything in one location

Many social media networks

We help you keep an eye on your Facebook numbers. We will soon be adding integration for YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, and a range of other popular platforms.


Because we know you can be spending your hard earned on even more fun stuff!

Affordable subscription levels to suit you

From our free plan to our top-end service, our pricing model is designed to suit your budget.

Speed to burn

Why wait ages for stuff to load?

Get your stats, fast

Clean interfaces and lightweight coding means you can run your reports as fast as we can churn all your data.

Take your insights with you!

As upwardly mobile as your business

Available on your PC or your tablet

We built this so that you can check your numbers on the go from your iPad or Android-based tablet (as long as you also have a connection to the Internet as well, of course)

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